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Custom Home Staircase
Custom Home Staircase
Custom Home Staircase
Custom Home Staircase


What does the first breath you take when you walk into your home mean to you? What do you see—or what can’t you yet? We believe the moment of entry into a space is the most vital. Deffenbaugh Homes wants yours to inspire motion, rather than occlude, every time you come home. We compose foyers of any size and kind, whether brick, hardwood maple, or native stone tile, and always with enough space to store. Our name is synonymous with the craftsmanship you know to expect and the eye for design that’ll give every first guest ample cause to explore. Turn the key, pass the lock. We’re here to prove that, boot after boot, every mudroom should feel like a masterpiece.

Design, a Step Ahead

Craftsman staircases, radical design. These are custom built staircases like you've never seen before.

Lead On

The transition from room to room, from floor to floor, is vital to the way you and your guests experience your home. Make every step count. 

Inside & Out

Custom built exterior staircases that don't just improve accessibility to your home—they create levels, inspire motion. Hand crafted with weather-grade materials, from artisan stone to all-natural wood to something in-between, that last a lifetime no matter what gets thrown at them.