From floor to ceiling, we craft intentionality into each of our custom homes. Frameless showers, heated floors, craftsman tile and stone. Our floor plans and layouts range from the elegantly classical, to the exotic and extravagantly modern, and all without a wasted square inch. So go ahead. Luxuriate. The water here’s fine, each and every day.

Stone & Light

Hard, cool stone. Soft, warm light. The marriage of two so disparate elements is beauty, synthesized. When we build custom homes, there's more to it than our tools, our materials—we command a practice of design philosophy. How does the flagstone floor feel to the touch, and what about under your feet? How do Anderson windows capture the Dakotas' natural light? What about bay windows, vaulted? Making it all come together is what we do.

Line & Form

Where does the eye catch, linger? What slopes, curves, or edges does it follow? In every granite surface, oak cabinet, and gradient sink you'll find one thing: intention. Go ahead, let your gaze wander.